Off the Path

I promise to be better. Okay. I promise to try to be better.

I want to keep sharing insight into the ups and downs of being a Mary Kay consultant. This is information that needs to be out there as much as possible!

Blogs like mine and Pink Truth are not here to put people down or hurt people. Quite the contrary: we want to lift people up! We want to share our observations and experiences, so that other women (and some men) do not dive deep into debt, alienate friends and relatives, or become increasingly dishonest and desperate to keep up appearances of success.

Fortunately, none of these happened to me to an extreme extent. But I have definitely seen very sad stories of now disillusioned women who fruitlessly invested huge amounts of time, money and energy into climbing the ladder of success.

Speaking of: in Mary Kay, the higher your (perceived) success, the higher your debt and credit card balances.

I hope that I will soon be able to return to writing about more than writing! But I did at least want to check in with everyone.


One Thousand!!

Update:  I realized that I said some of the very same things in a recent post.  Guess I just feel that strongly about it.  🙂 

I had started a post a while back, and saved it as a draft.

Wouldn’t you know it?!  It’s lost.  I’m going to have to rewrite it, because it contained another priceless bit of information from Pink Truth, which I’d also like to call “The Website I Wish I’d Read More Thoroughly BEFORE Becoming a Mary Kay Consultant.”

Anyway, I am very excited to report that The Path of Pink has exceeded 1,000 views.  I started this blog in July, and I’m very grateful that people are taking time to come by and visit.

I hope the information I share here will help at least one person decide that Mary Kay is not for her – whether she is already a consultant, or not.  As I’ve said before, there is much more information from far more experienced women (and some men) on Pink Truth.  Since they were in a lot longer than I was, they had a chance to see more shady dealings – and describe how they, themselves, were involved in them.

You may say that you aren’t like that.  Your director isn’t like that.  You’re under no pressure.  You’re not in debt.

Well, to that, I say:

You aren’t making any money.

I can’t fathom how your director became and remains a director by being 100% on the up and up.

You are not moving up the ladder.

You are going to subsist on reorders and friends’ pity orders for the duration of your Mary Kay career.

Let me repeat a variation of my pet phrase:

It is not possible to run your Mary Kay business in a completely honest (to yourself and to others) way and earn a decent living from it.

Please keep reading here.  Please visit my friends over at Pink Truth. Please keep questioning and investigating for yourself.

Stopping the (Warm) Chatterbox

Recently, I was in Walmart.  Shopping.  Because that’s what you do in Walmart.  That is, unless you are a Mary Kay consultant.  If you are a Mary Kay consultant, you are ostensibly there to shop; however your eyes are peeled for much more than just great prices on groceries and home items.  You are on the lookout for…

Sharp Women.

You are looking for leads.  New customers.  Potential recruits.

So, you go to Walmart, all set to do what is known in Mary Kay as “Warm Chattering”.  Basically, you’re attempting to become BFFs with total strangers, in hopes that they will give you their (correct) names and phone numbers.  Please click just above, to see now-National Sales Director Roya Mattis showing us how it’s done.  (She was still a Red Jacket when she made the video.)

So, on my recent trip to Walmart, I needed something out of the health/beauty section.  First off, that’s the perfect place to warm chatter, because the women shopping in that section obviously take care of their appearances to some degree.

Anyway, I saw a young girl, maybe 19 – 21 years old, with her mom.  She was just beautiful.  She had red hair, porcelain skin, and was dressed stylishly.  She was the definition of a sharp young woman.  She had “please try to recruit me into your multi-level marketing ‘business'” written all over her.  She may as well have been wearing a sign that said, “Yes, I would love to model for your before and after portfolio.”

In the split second that I noticed her, I froze.  I felt that familiar nudge to go up to her and pay her a sincere compliment.  I was compelled to tell her how much fun it would be to meet up and do a facial.  And wouldn’t it be so much more fun, if she invited two or three friends along?!

Then, I remembered:  I’m no longer a Mary Kay consultant!!

I don’t have to say anything at all to this young lady!  I don’t have to awkwardly find a way to be standing side-by-side with her later on, as she shops for pita chips.  And best of all, I don’t have to feel guilty for declining to chase this unsuspecting girl all over the store, while I work up the nerve to go talk to her.*

What an amazing relief!

*If you are currently a consultant, you may think you have diagnosed my problem: my Mary Kay business failed, because I wasn’t good at warm chattering.  Again, noooo….I decided to end my Mary Kay business, because I could not bear to be so disingenuous with strangers, and even family and friends.


A month?!

I can’t believe that nearly a month has gone by since the last time I’ve posted.  Please accept my apologies!  In spite of this, I notice that people are still visiting fairly regularly.  For that, I am extremely grateful.  I pray that the information and experiences I’m sharing will serve as an encouragement to anyone who is considering starting a Mary Kay business – or anyone who has recently started one.

I’ve learned a lot over the past year.  Positive and negative.  Even though we are told to avoid negativity, I always look at everything with a critical eye.  Even with all the fun, excitement, and PINK, I’m thankful that I could look at things objectively.  I strongly recommend that you do the same, ladies.  And gentlemen, too!

Strangely enough, I’m so thankful that I lost my full-time job.  This event pushed me to a point where I would have to make some quick, definitive decisions about the future of my Mary Kay business.

If this is your first visit to The Path of Pink, I wish you a warm welcome!  Please keep reading and learn more about my Mary Kay experiences and the pivotal moment for my business.

All the best!  And I hope to have more to share with you all soon.  🙂

Some (sincerely) Positive Words about Mary Kay Cosmetics

Since I am the type of person who always prefers to look at both sides of issues, I would like to do that, as far as Mary Kay is concerned:

1.  Products: Part of the reason I became a consultant in the first place was because I truly liked how the TimeWise Miracle Set felt on my skin.  Honestly, I’m not terribly picky about my makeup, so I can’t say whether the color products are the greatest or the worst. But they are nice enough, and make me look nice.

When I sent back my Mary Kay inventory, I kept back a small amount of products for myself:  some eyeshadows, a couple of lip glosses, mascara, and eyeliner.  Then, also, some skin care; although the skin care started not being as effective as it had been when I first started using it.

When my little stash runs out, I will likely purchase a department store or drug store equivalent.  Drug store is more likely, because that’s my budget.

All that to say, I like the makeup well enough.

2.  That CAR:  I think the pink Cadillac SUV is a lovely vehicle.  My adoptee unit was a Cadillac unit, so I got the pleasure of gazing upon the beauty of the car at every meeting.

3.  Selling the Product: I actually enjoyed doing facials.  My invitees always enjoyed themselves; and I could see looks of confidence, when they saw their faces afterward.  Granted, some of my customers were ladies and girls who didn’t use a lot of makeup already.

Also, people did actually buy products from me.  I cannot say that very many of those people were far outside of my immediate circle of friends, but lots of them made generous purchases (i.e. not just a single eyeshadow.)  Some people didn’t buy at all, but I still had fun.

So, there you have it:  I have said some positive things about Mary Kay and Mary Kay’s products.  I write this, primarily so that you won’t think I’m some bitter woman whose only joy in life is “bashing” MK, because my own business failed.  By the way, my business did not fail.  I decided to end it.

Behind the Scenes Peek: Mary Kay Prize Drawings, Part 2

As promised, I would like to present to you… 


Mary Kay is infamous for encouraging the use of scripts for any kind of interaction you could have within your business.  I was told countless times, “just follow the script.”  They say that all of the successful women in Mary Kay rose to the top, just by using the scripts they give you.  

Here is the script that you are supposed to use when you have a prize drawing.  This is taken from a Sales Director’s unit website.  I think this document speaks for itself, so without further ado…


There’s no reason you can’t make EVERY name in your fishbowl “the winner”. Be enthusiastic and excited

when you call – no one wants to book with someone who’s boring or not “sold” on the product herself!

“This is _______ with Mary Kay! Do you remember entering a drawing at _________ recently? Well I’ve drawn your name as the winner of $25 in FREE Mary Kay products!! Isn’t that great?! Have you ever used Mary Kay?

YES: great! Are you using it now or has it been a while? What products did you like? Well it’s really different than it was in the past, so I know you’ll find something you really love.

NO: that’s okay – I’ll help you figure out what you’d like to have whether it’s skin care, makeup, perfume, anti-aging products…whatever you like!

“Here’s how I take care of my winners. We’ll choose a good time to get together, and since I keep product on hand all the time, when I leave you should have everything you chose. That’s good, isn’t it! But let me see what you think about this… if you would have _______ people with you when we get together, I’ll actually double your free product and give you $50 worth free! Does that sound like something you’d be interested in for $50 worth free? Great!” (Look on her registration slip and see how many people she circled that she’d be willing to share her facial with and go with the smaller number. For example, if she circled 3-4 people, ask her to have 3 people over 18 with her to get the doubled amount.)

“Now you have a couple of options for when we get together. You can decide which format you prefer – you’re queen for the day! You might want to have what we call a makeover night; that’s where you and your friends will get a new look and I’ll have lots of tips on how to apply makeup and what colors will look great on you. The other option you may want to choose is more of a Spa party. Do you know what MicroDermabrasion is? (if not) Well it’s just amazing and people are really raving over it. The very first time you use it you’ll have smaller pores, lines and wrinkles will be less noticeable, and your skin will be the softest it’s ever been! Everyone loves it, whether they wear makeup or not. You’ll also get a lip treatment and a hand treatment and everyone will leave with no makeup on, just really really soft, hydrated skin that looks fantastic. So which of those sounds more appealing to you and the people you’d have with you? Great! We’ll have a great time.”

“I’ll drop you a book in the mail tomorrow so you can start looking around at what you might want to choose. _______, I will also want to get the names and numbers of the ones you’d like to have with you in a couple of days so I can ask them the same questions I asked you about their skin. That way they’ll know I’ll have things THEY want to try and they’ll be excited about coming. That helps YOU get your extra free product! Plus it’ll make our time together shorter.” “I can’t wait to see you on ________ at ______! I’ll bring a couple of door prizes too!”


“I’ve drawn your name as the winner of $25 in FREE Mary Kay products!! Isn’t that great?! Well I see on your slip that you already have a Mary Kay consultant. You know, she will NOT be happy with me giving you $25 in free product when she’s trying to sell it to you! And I would never want to step on her toes. So if you have a relationship with that consultant and she’s servicing you regularly and sends you catalogs and samples, then we really shouldn’t get together.” Wait for her response! MOST of the time you’ll find out she’s bought some things several months ago but isn’t being serviced. Or she’s not pleased with the service because she has to wait too long, or maybe the consultant moved away or whatever. However, if she IS being serviced by someone, just thank her for entering your drawing and let HER be the one that wins the gift certificate to the store since you can’t make a sale with her.


“I’m calling for ________. This is ______ with Mary Kay and I’m calling because you entered a drawing at ______ and I’ve drawn your name as the winner of $25 in free Mary Kay product! We just need to decide how to get together to choose what you want so give me a call back at __________ by tomorrow evening at 10:00 so I can let the store know I’ve got a winner. I can’t wait to see what you choose for your free product! I look forward to hearing back from you soon. Bye!” By putting a time limit on her calling you back, you will most often, but not always, get a call back because they don’t want to miss out. If they don’t call back by the deadline you gave, give them one more chance by calling the following day or so. If you still miss them, put the name aside and go back to it in several weeks. Let her know then that you’ve gone back through the people that weren’t winners and have done another drawing



Behind the Scenes Peek: Mary Kay Prize Drawings, Part 1

Picture it: 

You are in your favorite boutique, your favorite gym, your favorite hair salon…  It doesn’t even have to be your favorite!  But you’re there. 

As you stand at the counter, you notice an adorable, pink box.  Or a fish bowl.  Or some sort of lovely receptacle.  You’re curious as to what it is, so you read the pretty, little note attached to the side.  

It’s a prize drawing!  You can win free products!  You can win a pampering session!  All you have to do is fill out the little card with your name, phone number, and email address.  

A few days later, you get a phone call.  

YOU WON!!  You won a pampering session and/or a gift certificate for free products!  

Right about now, you may be thinking: “But I never win anything… Chances are, my name won’t get drawn for this either.” 

That’s where you’re wrong, my friend.  Your name will get drawn.  You will win a free pampering session.  I can give you a 100% guarantee right now. 

How is that possible?  Because every name gets drawn.  Every entrant into the contest gets a phone call.  Every winner is offered a free pampering session.  

One lucky women may win a gift from the store where the box is located.  She may also receive slightly more free product.  But everyone will win the pampering session. 

Wait.  What is this “pampering session” you keep mentioning?  

A pampering session is a Mary Kay facial.  If you decide to invite a few friends, it becomes a Mary Kay skin care class.  At this facial/class, you will learn of how the consultant began her Mary Kay career and what she has achieved since that time.  You will apply a variety of products to your face.  You might get to put on a little makeup at the end.  But that’s usually reserved for the very exclusive “glamour appointment.”  You’ll book that in your one-on-one consultation at the end of the skin care class. 

The one-on-one consultation is also an opportunity for the Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant to tell you that she admires your style, thinks you’re a sharp woman, finds you hilarious…  And with that in mind, would you like to join her team? 

There.  Don’t you feel pampered now?!

Before you answer “yes,” let me remind you that several other, unsuspecting women have also won this exclusive prize. 

The prize drawing is not for your benefit.  

When you put your contact information down on that little slip of paper,

YOU have become the prize!  The real winner here is the Mary Kay consultant, who now has a box of fresh leads to call. 

The goal is to gain potential customers and recruits, not to pamper you.  If you receive a call that you have one, but you confess that you already have a consultant, trust me:  you will much more than likely not be winning any free products.  

When Oprah gives away free cars, I don’t think she ever says, “What?  You already have a car?  Just kidding!  You get this nice blender instead!”  

Don’t put your name in the box – unless you are just itching to be recruited into Mary Kay.  You may think you can just redeem your free gift certificate and have that be the end of it. 

Go ahead.  Try it and see what happens.  You will get a call.  You might get a follow-up text.  Your objections will be overcome.

As you read this, you may be thinking, “Oh, you’re just a bitter failure who didn’t know how to work her business.”  

Oh, I’m a Mary Kay failure, all right!  I failed to tell lies and half-truths to women, in order to build my own Mary Kay business. 

Stay tuned.  I have a script from a Mary Kay Sales Director’s website.  It contains a script with all the details and true “behind-the-scenes” information about the Mary Kay fish bowl scam.